On going project - Large scale silver halide prints.

A study on perception, organic patterns and the photographic image.

A matter of blood

Insulin is the hormone allowing muscles to use the sugar in our blood.

This hormone, essential to survive, is not naturally produced by the pancreas of a Type 1 diabetic patient.

For this reason one has to administer insulin.

Throughout a week numerous injections are necessary to live.

As a part of life, a diabetic has to take control over his own body.
Constant monitoring is the only effective way to make this possible.

Throughout one year 1460 drops of blood are required to control the glucose level.


Over the last two decades media went through a strong digitisation process that intensified year after year.

'Libraries' is an exploration of the physicality of the book, a study on its property as an object.

The volumes are carefully selected and stacked in order to create self sustained structures that afterwards are captured on large format film.


Trained as a sniper, Stuart fought in Kosovo and Sierra Leone.

Through his scope he took lives, until he got injured on a mission.

Unable to follow his path in the Army he found himself forced to radically change.

Other than killing, the Army thought him discipline that he now applies to sport and cutting hair.

UnPerfect Camera

Despite its great design, the eye is nothing more than a camera constantly feeding the brain of informations.

The interaction between the two organs can sometimes generate glitches in the cognitive process.

UnPerfect Camera wants to explore through the photographic process these imperfections in perception.

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