Gianandrea, or just Gian, is a London based photographer whose work has been featured in international publications, media and advertising.

His journey in photography started when he inherited his grandfather’s oldcamera, little did he know that this small 35mm would trace the path of his career.

While Gian’s work spreads from Portraiture to Still life, all of his images find common ground on the approach; it’s not about taking a picture, but making it.

Gian has contributed to several magazines, Empire, Planet Rock, Grazia, Mojo, Q and more.

Amongst his portraits one can find talents such as Danny Boyle, KieferSutherland, Will Poulter, Little Simz, AJ Tracy, The Specials, The Idles, Dido,RZA, Sheryl Crow and Black Francis just to mention a few.




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